The Importance Of Cash And Credit Cards

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The world people live in revolves around money. The money will satisfy the feeling of importance. Money gives people power. It arouses in everyone an eager want. In fact, a great portion of everyone’s lives is spent working to earn more money. From changing jobs to changing careers, people do what is needed to earn more money. Once the paycheck comes in, some people prefer to make their purchases in cash, while others prefer to use credit cards. Both cash and credit cards are widely accepted, but the best choice is cash because of the person’s lifestyle.
Cash and credit cards, often show relationships between insecurity. Carrying large amounts of cash increases the chances of it becoming stolen. Similarly, credit cards are also stolen because
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That is to say, cash is more convenient because people are able to handle immediate expenses.
Credit cards can seem to be useful for emergencies. This ranges from a health situation to the importance of having a working vehicle. My co-worker, for instance, got his car stolen outside of his apartment as he was sleeping. Two months have gone by, and still no car, yet. Public transportation has become an everyday thing. Unfortunately, he does not possess any credit cards. By having a credit card he would probably be able to rent a car. Despite the fact that, credit cards may seem better than cash, the harsh reality is that credit cards have interest rates. It is best to take public transportation to avoid all the extra fee’s associated with interest rates. This will make it impossible to pay the bill.
However, if someone does not have a stable job, making the payments on the credit cards will be a difficult challenge that will lead to bad credit. In addition, if a person gets laid off from their job and cannot pay back the credit cards, as a result, the interest rate will go up. Credit cards should be used responsibly. Yet, some people still prefer credit cards over cash because one day they want to live in a decent house, or drive a luxurious car. Credit cards are good to have, only if the person has a permanent job; otherwise, cash is
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