The Importance Of Careers In Public Health

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A public health degree is promoting health and the prevention of disease and injury to a population as a whole. Careers in public health will always be an expanding and needed as we progress toward the future, because health of our population will always be a top priority. This career choice is for an individual who wants to help others by educating, improving the lives of others and the community for the chance to make a difference. The Public Health field encompasses a wide variety of career paths, from community health workers to health educators. My interests in Public Health involve Medical Administration because you need to have the passion to assist others, to motivate and improve their health. Obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Public…show more content…
Then as I start my medical administration career I can work toward earning a master’s degree online. Which, online courses are quite common now days for master’s and doctorate’s degree programs “In the past few years, online degree programs in the field of public health have seen significant growth.” (“World Wide Learn, 2016). Because, those who pursue them are working full-time in the public health field, this gives an opportunity for full-time workers to earn a higher degree part-time. Also, during this research I found an article that discussed public health social worker, this appealed to me because of the aspect of being able to work in developing countries helping others and being able to travel sparked my interest. A social workers career in public health could be my alternate option, but my career goal as of right now is still pursuing administration. The article Public Health for Social Workers: Helping People & Communities have said that “People interested in social work and public health can work in the Corps as public health education and administration officers. These professionals are able to provide public health expertise to communities all over the globe.” (Steele, 2016, para. 9). Medical administration and public health social worker differentiate by their work settings, but also have very similar goals,…show more content…
Those who are considering this field need to ensure that they have the passion and drive to assist others with getting the professional healthcare that they need. From article Public Health Administration, I could not agree more with what they’ve said; “Those working in Public Health have the opportunity to improve the lives of many. They may work for a government keeping the population healthy and safe or they may work for a non-governmental organization and help to improve the lives of many through outreach and service” (“Public Health Administration”, 2016). I believe this career has peaked my interest because of the fact that I will be able participate in a medical office setting, and still in the medical field helping others, but not interacting with patients one-on-one daily. I will be a great candidate to work as a medical administrator because I have good leadership qualities and I am organized. Although, I need to work on my communication skills such as writing more efficiently and public speaking, for I have tendency to get nervous while speaking to a large crowd. I am sure that the UNCC college courses will prepare me for what is ahead and will lead me to be a successful career in medical
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