The Importance Of Career Resilience In Career Development

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A significant portion of an individual’s life goes towards planning, working towards and executing a career. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2011), an average Australian worked approximately 33 hours per week during 2010. Despite the fact that some individuals aim to plan every detail of their career, careers rarely progress as imagined or intended. Unexpected influences can bring unforeseen changes that are either insignificant or cause a career shift like searching for a new job, acquiring new skills, changing your occupation or retiring. These significant events that can either positively or negatively impact an individual’s career are referred to as career shocks (Seibert et al., 2016). These include injury, illness, receiving poor performance feedback, early promotions, relocation and pregnancy. Building career resilience is key to overcoming inevitable set back and career shocks that can occur during career development. Career resilience refers to the ability of an individual to adapt to changing circumstances and to develop knowledge and skills required to enhance performance and long term…show more content…
However, if Walt Disney had not set his mind on a single career goal of becoming an animator, the empire he created with multiple movies and characters like Mickey Mouse would not exist. Walt Disney after becoming a film producer did remain open to alternative options in terms of the technology he could utilise and characters he could make. Krumboltz theory claimed that not making decisions is wisest thing to do. Disney made the conscious decisions to visit the author of Mary Poppins for 16 years until he was given permission to turn the novel into a film. Being resilient is being aware of the options you have and understanding your
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