The Importance Of Calcium

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Calcium Chemistry is used in everyday life, whether it is known or not. As students, it is crucial to know how elements contribute to everyday life. Some elements are useful, while others are deadly. Calcium is one of those elements. It is vital to appreciate how it was discovered and what its properties are. It is also necessary to know what others have researched about calcium. Finally, all this knowledge would be nothing without the benefits of calcium. Because of its importance, it is vital to know who discovered the element calcium and what its properties are. Calcium was used by the Romans to make lime. But it was isolated and confirmed as an element in 1808 by Englishman Sir Humphrey Davy. He identified it by examining the limestone…show more content…
The first article is about the need for calcium for healthy bones. In the article, Andrews states “It is essential for maintaining the bone mass necessary to support the skeleton.” That is, without calcium, our bodies could not function. Adequate amounts of calcium can also cut back the risk for osteoporosis. Although calcium may help prevent osteoporosis, people should avoid consuming excessive amounts of soda. Soda tends to absorb calcium and other nutrients, blocking them from reaching your bones. The article wraps up with the fact that people should have a healthy diet, being aware what to eat and what not to…show more content…
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