The Importance Of Business Management In The Story Of The Blind Man

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n India, there is an old story that tells the tale of six blind men and the elephant. The first blind man grabs the trunk and says the elephant looks like a snake, the second blind man grabs the elephant 's leg and disagrees, saying it actually looks like a tree. Neither of the men are technically wrong subjectively, but neither are absolutely right either. In management, what is most important aspect of business? Is it ensuring the highest product quality? Is it making sure everyone get 's a chance to voice their opinions? Or more simply, is it the bottom line? Depending upon where you work, or where you are from, these may or may not be the most important values. Business, much like the elephant in the story of the blind men, is different…show more content…
For instance, the idea of a strict hierarchical management structure focused on the most technically proficient individual ascending to the top might be met with laughter first and then strong opposition. In Australia, management is not seen as a respected status to attain, rather, being a manager is just another job for another person. (“Business Management Style in Australia and Doing Business in Australia. :: World Business Culture”) Instead of approaching “subordinates” and telling them what to do, management takes on more of consulting role, laying out the task at hand, explaining what 's at stake and the potential rewards for the staff and company while leaving room for everybody on the team 's comments, complaints and suggestions. In fact “employees expect to be consulted on decisions that affect them and the greater good of the organization.” (“Intercultural Management – Australia”) The manager just serves as the final decision in the debate. But while Australian management might be significantly more democratic in their decision making processes, they are still expected to meet strict time schedules and deadlines. A successful manager in Australia will communicate directly and openly as one of the crew listening to and debating their team 's ideas but while harnessing the talent of their workers forming them into an empowered, cohesive, albeit rowdy

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