The Importance Of Breast Cancer

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2.3 Previous studies:
2.3.1 Breast cancer:
Malignant tumor that starts from breast cells is called breast cancer. Malignant tumor is Collection of cancer cells that can attack the tissues areas of the body or a breast. This disease occurs mostly in women’s but rarely develops in males (american cancer society, 2014). Breast cancer is the one of the most common cancer in women worldwide and Breast self-examination is useful tool to determine the breast cancer of women in all ages. (taylor, 2013).
Most of the time Pain less breast lump is first signs of breast cancer but all the lumps are not cancers. In First, breast cancer spreads in lymph glands in the armpit and may develop a lump and later it will spread other parts of the body (Kenny, 2012).
2.2.2 Changes to be aware about breast cancer:
• Growth or swelling of the breast
• Any discharge from the nipple except breast milk
• Irritation of skin or lumpiness
• Changes in Nipples like turning inwards, redness, pain. (american cancer society, 2014)

Women needs to know how she can reduce breast cancer and what she can do to reduce the risk factor of breast cancer. There are some risk factors than cannot change and risk factors that can be change. Risk factors like gender of women, age and genetic factors that cannot be change and being overweight, Cigierate smoking, eating junky foods are the factors that can change by the choice of women (breast cancer organization, 2014).

2.2.3 Breast cancer in world wide
Breast cancer is the one of the most common diagnosed cancer in the worldwide and breast cancer is the most leading cause of cancer death among the female’s , 1.38 million people accounting for 23% of the entire fresh cancer cases and in 2008 there are 458,400 people died ...

... middle of paper ... related illness and deaths. The low survival rate of young women in breast cancers have been informed due to identified in advanced stages. Sited in (Fathia Attia Mohammad, 2013).
Opatt D.M. & Chung C. (2007) Breast cancer is presently the top cancer and one of the most common cancer among the females. Mostly breast cancer affects in women in entire world and it is the common cause of death in women. Initial finding of breast cancer and effective treatment is impotent to decrease morbidity and mortality due to breast cancer and Breast self-examination is the keystone of breast cancer control. Breast self-examination is one of the method to female to recognize how her breasts usually look. Breast self-examination is extremely important for young females to understand their breast condition and control of breast cancer.sited in (Fathia Attia Mohammad M. M., 2013)