The Importance Of Branding

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Understanding the customer purchase decision-making process is of great importance to all organizations. This understanding can be used as the basis for creating marketing strategies that suit the needs of the customers. The main purpose of this report is to develop an understanding of acceptable standards of branding and how it can be applied to create effective marketing strategies. This analytical report is targeted at managers in different organizations, to help them understand the importance of branding and how this can affect the success of their organizations. This report can be applied to a multinational context as it explores a variety of topics that are globally acceptable.
This analytical report begins with an explanation of two
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Through good branding and effective marketing strategies, companies are able to reach a wider market. This report explains the importance of brand differentiation in influencing customers’ perception of particular businesses and products. An in-depth analysis of the advantages of brand differentiation is also provided in the report. With this in mind, the report moves into a discussion on how a company can develop a brand positioning strategy that suits particular needs. Particularly, three elements of an effective brand positioning strategy are analyzed including: promise, communications and experience. The example of Domino’s Pizza branding strategy is given to show how a small company branded itself effectively and how this led to its exponential growth over a short span of years. Organizations can position their products based on the features, prices, benefits and quality. Moreover, it is imperative for an organization to remain consistent in its positioning strategy to ensure that customer loyalty keeps growing. With these strategies in place, organizations can achieve success with a variety of products and…show more content…
The first article explains different website marketing strategies that different companies have adopted to reach the online market. The analysis comments on the communication strategies suggested in the article and their effectiveness in a global environment. With the rise in internet marketing strategies, the article also delves deeper into understanding which strategies are working and which ones are not. The analysis closes with ways that online content influences customers’ perception of particular brands. The report then moves to the analysis of the second article that task about the importance of adopting ‘green’ changes in the modern business setup. The article notes that the ‘green’ movement has gone global and could determine a company’s success or failure in the global market. The article also discusses some of the strategies that organizations have adopted so as to fit in the global scene. With examples from the article, it is possible to explain global multinational strategy in variety of
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