The Importance Of Books In My Life

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As a child living in the middle-of-nowhere finding a friend was difficult. Books were a great helper in my life, they sparked my imagination and helped me to become more social. It was because of books that I have some of the best friends in my life. There were kids that lived up the road, but none of them ever stayed long in the neighborhood. Despite that, there were two constants in my life; books and my mom. I often couldn’t find one without discovering the other. Although she would work late trying to support our family, she would still find the willpower to stay up to read a bedtime story with me. She sparked in me a passion for reading, because when I’m reading I’m never alone. Once I got more drawn into books I was astonished and enthralled at how anything is possible within the realms of the mind. Magic could whorl and whirl around inside in various shades of blues and greens! I could even taste the food! The further I went into books the more I wanted to see how the improbable could become possible. I diverged from the novels I was reading to national geographic and Wikipedia. I saw how kingdoms were actually built and also how they fell. I also noticed a recurring theme in stories, from rubble and ruin come greatness. I also learned…show more content…
I went from mostly physical copies of books to e-books. While this is not bad or wrong in any way I remember a time where I would feel ashamed of myself or even of others for not reading a book that has physical pages. These feelings of book superiority happened mostly when I was at my social peak. After distancing myself from some of the more judgmental people in my life I discovered that I really enjoy the use of e-books. They are compact and affordable, like carrying an entire library in your bag! I reconnected with them briefly and found that they too had discovered the wonders that are
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