The Importance Of Blue Collar Jobs

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In the United States many people have misconceptions as to the work people in blue collar jobs do versus those who are employed in white collar jobs. Blue collar jobs are not shown the appreciation and respect they deserve because people feel that anyone can perform those jobs. White collar jobs require people to have an educational background with degrees, certificates and years of experience. On the other hand, blue collar jobs sometimes do not have many requirements and some even accept people without a high school education. Every job whether it is a blue collar or white collar deserves respect and appreciation because they each require their own set of skills. Low wage paying jobs such as fast food work has intellectual demands. Working…show more content…
I was completely wrong. Working at Subway does require a person to be intelligent. When I am put at the front line to prepare sandwiches, I have to listen carefully to the ingredients the customers ask for in their sandwiches. While I’m putting one customer’s ingredients in their sandwich, I need to already be asking the next customer what they want in their sandwich. When I started, it was really hard for me to memorize so much information in a few seconds. In the short story “Blue Collar Brilliance” Mike Rose mentions one way his mother found to make her job easier, which I can relate too. “Rosie devised memory strategies so that she could remember who order what” (274). Just like Rosie, I too had to come up with strategies to remember who order what. I found that the best way to remember what two customers want is to ask the second customer what he wants when I am halfway done with the first customers sandwich. I have been using this strategy and so far it has worked for me. Avoiding situations that one day might become a problem is a smart move and it requires intelligence. I came up with a strategy to memorize information faster and I executed that strategy
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