The Importance Of Bloody Mary

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or “Bloody Mary” was the first queen of England to gain the throne. During her life she faced a lot of obstacles that came about from her family, her faith, and her position in the royal line up. Mary did not gain the throne because she was the next heir. She had fought her way to the throne ever since she was a young adult. Mary’s nickname “Bloody Mary” has tarnished her reputation for many centuries. Many would argue that she did not deserve such repugnance because of the decisions she had to make during her reign. Was it the resentment she holds towards her father; King Henry VIII that led to a horrific era for those that lived in England during the time of her being queen, or was she defending something of more significance that could…show more content…
She was outraged at the fact that her father married a protestant. Mary was forced to hand over her jewels and was to no longer be called a princess. She would not inherit the throne either. Elizabeth, the newborn daughter of King Henry and Anne Boleyn, was the new princess and would be the next queen. Mary refused to accept this unless her father directly told her. Mary was later ordered move out of the family’s country manor and move to Elizabeth’s house to help wait on the princess. Mary basically became a servant and was no longer allowed to enjoy her own personal activities. Princess Elizabeth would receive many visitors, while Mary was sometimes locked in her room with the windows nailed shut. Mary hated and blamed Anne for everything. To make matters even worse for Mary, Anne was a…show more content…
A few years went by and Mary’s prayers were still unanswered. Elizabeth was still the princess, and Henry cut all connections with the Pope. Parliament passed a law declaring King Henry the Supreme Head of the Church of England. The church was now a reformed Catholic Church, making it Protestant. “Henry closed many Catholic Monasteries, while his men sold church land, ransacked jewels from tombs, and burned the bones of saints.” (Maurer 8) Hundreds of people were executed for rebelling against Henry and not converting to

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