The Importance Of Blood Evidence

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Since blood evidence connect with a crime that can give info, might perhaps crack the case, it is necessary to properly record, collect, and preserve this form of evidence. Blood evidence that is handled improperly can diminish or ruin a possible source of details in a case. Blood evidence that is correctly collected and preserved can determine a strong connection among a person and a criminal act. Blood evidence or the dearth of blood evidence can also be used to strengthen or negate an eyewitness account or any accounts that the suspect might make. Blood evidence can also direct the investigator the path that he/she must go to solve the case. If blood evidence is recorded, collected, and stowed properly, it can be given to an arbitrator or jury a couple years from the time of the criminal act. Maybe the most influential request of blood evidence is the aptitude to completely remove an individual as a possible suspect in a crime. Effective communication is the threshold in processing blood evidence. Open and precise communication has to happen among a uniform officer who first re...
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