The Importance Of Blood Donation

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Every week Australia needs over 27,000 blood donations. Currently there are just under 504,000 voluntary unpaid donors in Australia. In 2013 the Blood Service collected 1.32 million lifesaving blood donations. The red cross is an organisation is who collects, processes and distributes life saving blood products. They also contribute expertise, leadership and support for diagnostic transplantations and other clinical services as well as world class health research. Understanding how important blood donation is, is an issue due to the lack of blood donated to make a difference in someone’s life. Blood is vital to life, making a lot of blood donors patients life lines. Currently, only 1 in 30 Australians are giving blood, but 1 in 3 Australians…show more content…
I received a sample of individuals thoughts and feelings on blood donating and why or why not they believe it is important to donate. The results received do support my focus question with almost 100% of my sample saying yes, blood donating is important. However, more than 50% haven 't donated, I followed this survey question with ‘Why haven 't you donated?’ to which the responses I received were, lived in the United Kingdom in the time of Mad Cow Disease, not permitted to due to being tattooed within the last 12 months, health issues, pregnancy, scared if needles and blood makes some people…show more content…
Social clubs, Schools and Work places donate blood or participate in donation camps. Donating blood is a healthy gesture which only takes a maximum one hour of your time, this equated to 4% of your whole day. We must keep donating as our blood banks are always running low on required blood and can only be stored for a limited amount of time. The importance of blood donation is dispersed though the public through the individuals who have loved ones who have been in desperate need for love. A mother by the name of Carolyn Patrick was unbeknown to the importance of blood donation until her beloved daughter Jasmine was diagnosed with brain cancer. Throughout the six months of chemotherapy Jasmine received red blood cells and platelets to allow her body to sustain chemotherapy treatment. Every Australian needs blood at least once in their lifetime. As a community the blood donation is understood as being important
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