The Importance Of Birthday Gifts

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I know, I know. Are you thinking, "No birthday gifts, WHAAAAAAAT?!" Don't worry. I am not depriving my children of love. I'm actually doing quite the opposite. I am still giving my children gifts, but they are a bit different then tangible items wrapped in shiny paper with bows. Before I get into the nitty gritty, let me explain why I decided to change the way I give gifts. It started with the holidays last year when I almost had a mental breakdown preparing for all of the holiday gifts that were about to arrive at our house. I felt as though my entire day consisted of tidying up and putting things away. Everywhere I looked, there were toys, clothes, and things that were bringing no joy to my family. How could I possibly add more chaos to this mess?! So, I decided to make a change and I started purging. I went through every room in our house and got rid of items that we were no longer using. Things that were…show more content…
I never knew what do to in this situation. Are they serious.. no gift at all? Do I still bring a gift? What if everyone else brings a gift and I'm the only one who doesn't? Does this sound familiar to you? We live in a society where we feel obligated to bring a gift to a party, but if the host requests no gift, I think it is totally fine to not bring a gift. Why add stress to your life? Go with the flow of the invitation and enjoy yourself! Gifts from family members: This can be a hard one, but I ask for things that the kids truly need. Money towards college, daycare, ballet, soccer, or any other activities that they are in. You can always make a list online of items that your family members can choose from. Then, they get to make the decision of which gift to give. Experiences are such a wonderful gift, and I believe they provide much longer lasting memories than a toy. You could start a tradition like a holiday show, how special is

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