The Importance Of Birth Order

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Everyone is born with different characteristics and personalities. Some people often wonder how their personality traits can shape and define their life, as well as how their family affects their personality. People have come to ask the question, does birth order really have an effect on people 's life and future? Others ask, does birth order really matter, and is it even real? Through much research and evaluation, it can be seen that birth order plays an important role in the development of a child’s characteristics and their health. Birth order is the order in which each child in a family is born, and every family can have their birth order affected in some way. These places in birth order can consist of first born, middle born, last born,…show more content…
According to Judith Blake, author of Family Size and Achievement, family dynamics and parental attention plays a bigger role in a child then the birth order may. Depending on the amount of time each child receives from a parent, it can affect how each child develops (“Your Place in the Family”). Birth order traits can also come from sibling interactions, not just parent-child interactions. Sibling interactions help shape the way each child will act because they are learned strategies designed to help each child cope with what they need based on how their siblings treat them (Isaacson 157). Another factor that can affect birth order is age gaps. If there is a gap of five or more years between siblings, the birth order will start over (Leman 27). In unique situations like adopted children or blended families, they will retain the birth order they had previous to the adoption or combination of families (Isaacson 158). Birth order doesn’t just depend on a child’s place in the family, but also on the way a child is treated and interacted…show more content…
Middleborns are “great negotiators” due to having to resolve conflicts between siblings and having to get out of choosing a side when it comes to fights. However, middle children often do have trouble at expressing their “assertiveness”, and often feel overlooked by their parents (“Your Place in the Family”). Middle children have a great skill of learning to overcome things by themselves since they often feel overlooked, and because of this middle children are the least likely of all the birth types to go seek professional help (Leman
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