The Importance Of Bilingualism

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One who is hard of hearing might only be able to communicate through sign language. What becomes of them if no one near can understand them? This demonstrates the importance of knowing multiple languages whether it is Sign Language, Spanish, French, Dutch, Mayan, or any other translation of words. Language is a fundamental component of any interpersonal relationship. Cultures throughout history have crumbled as a result of language barriers, leaving only artifacts and records to tell their story. This has been exhibited in various indigenous civilizations across the globe, such as the Coast Miwok language, which had been spoken from the San Francisco Bay to Bodega Bay. The various languages spoken throughout the world demand a medium of translation…show more content…
Often, families back home cannot speak english and it is up to those who have immigrated to maintain their language to continue their relationships with their families. Too many children have lost touch with their extended families because they cannot understand one another and they are left with false affections towards each other simply because they are related. This has become a strong point of advocacy for bilingualism amongst people of color in the United States. Many parents have expressed concern on this subject as mentioned in the article "Latino Immigrant Parents ' Views Of Bilingual Education As A Vehicle For Heritage Preservation” by Pete Farruggio, who reports, “Many of the heritage parents explained the importance of Spanich fluency for conversing with relatives, often complaining that children’s limited Spanish skills hampered cross border family unity” (Farruggio). Evidently, this quote brings forth the issue that children lose focus on their native language and as a result lose that critical aspect of themselves. For this reason, bilingual education is needed to preserve diversity in the United States. Foreign language classes allow children to voluntarily devote more attention to their own languages while also developing their skills in English. Knowing both English and their native language grants people connections to their world around them, opening…show more content…
Learning multiple languages opens doors for people not only in their local communities, but on a global scale.
It has also been proven to advance cognition by improving conflict management, executive controls, and sound recognition. Students who are bilingual have two active languages in their minds and create flexible minds by constantly processing and translating in both languages. These mental activities are displayed to be beneficial through impressive academics. For these reasons, bilingual education in the United States is critical. Language is the single most important asset in human civilization. Prior to it, cave men communicated through grunts and images. Not only does language tie people together, but it also has an impact on one’s mentality and personal

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