The Importance Of Being An Adult

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What does it mean to be an adult in today’s modern society? Is an adult somebody who goes to work every day? Somebody who is wise? Somebody who is independent? Well, according to the law it is when a person turns eighteen years of age. But how is it that when you are seventeen years and 364 days old, you are merely a child but then “Voila”, one day later you become a mature independent adult? Well, not to spoil it but it doesn’t work like that. Being an adult has less to do with the law and more to do with experience. There is more to being an adult than going to work every day and paying the bills on time; being an adult means to have developed certain characteristics and with adulthood comes hundreds of new responsibilities and duties.
To begin, some argue that becoming an adult has to do with science, and how the human brain works. Neuroscientists have proved that brain maturation continues much further into human development than it has been previously discovered. Although, if science had a critical influence on this topic, we would not live in a society where it allows teenager...

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