The Importance Of Being A Writer

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All good writers continue to grow throughout time and have to adapt to different writing styles. I have found that I have continued to grow as a writer through the English 120 class through challenging myself to write different types of essays apply different techniques and develop my tone more. I also find that I have discovered the difference between writing in English and writing in my native language, even more so than I could have simply explained. I have learned much more by actually writing using a second language, in and out of the classroom. My tone for writing has changed in comparison to my previous tone when I write for short arguments. Through this class I have been able to grow as a writer and learn what my strengths are and what I can still work on as well as being able to change my writing style to fit as a better writer. I would consider myself a decent writer, with strengths and areas to work on. My strengths include being able to stick to a given assignment and write it well through conventions, diction, and general mechanics. However, I feel that I can work on sev...
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