The Importance Of Being A Teacher

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Although for the past couple years I have wanted to be a teacher, there has been multiple times that I have considered this field is not right for me. Even though it is early in my first semester I am already overwhelmed with all the information that is thrown at me and the expectations that the professors have. The more I think about it at times, the less I feel like I could make a good teacher and that scares me because I do not want to do something that I am not going to be good at. There are several other reasons that I have considered why I should not be a teacher, but the fear of being a failure is just one of them.

Many people say that teachers do not get paid enough for their work. I can say that I agree with this statement
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As I watch the future generations grow up, I see many differences between my generation and the generations below me. I observe that there is a lot of talking back when they are talking to their parents or anyone who is older than them. I think that this attitude could end up floating into the classroom and I am not completely sure exactly how I would be able to handle the situation. I do not think that children should be disrespectful, but I know at some point all teachers are going to come across a student who is going to be rude and give them a hard time, and I do not think that I would react the best with a student that acted that…show more content…
I have the fear that one day I am going to loose my ability to stay calm and break down, which is nothing that a teacher ever wants to do or to be known for. Every teach that I have met has been patient with the student, but they all have had their days that they are in a bad mood and take it out on the children in a way. I do not ever want to get this to the point and sometimes I feel as if that I have no patience at all especially when dealing with my younger siblings. This at times makes me think that I should not teach because if I am not or do not learn to be patient all the time, then I will never enjoy my career
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