The Importance Of Being A Good Leader

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I would like to start my essay with the words of Peter Ducker that “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”. I think these words perfectly outline the difference between a manager and a leader which is quite often confused. Being a good leader is something that I aspire which can not be achieved overnight and requires lots of energy and dedication. This question often came to my mind: how should I become a good leader and what should I do for it? There has been many debates whether leaders are born or bred but actually I agree with the thought of Jim Collins that good leaders (level 5 leaders) have special seed which they need to develop compared to others. However reaching level 5 leadership and becoming an outstanding CEO of the company is a pinnacle for me which might not be even realized however I do believe that you can become a good leader within your company, within your circle and within your team. I aspire to become level 5 leader however in order to get there I need to constantly work on myself. Personal development is something that I think has no limit, you always strive for improvement of your personality, characters or values. The first thing that I would develop further is self-confidence. A good leader should be always confident in his/her decisions and be sure in the correctness. If I compare myself couple of years ago I can see a big progress on this however this is the area where I still need to work further. The second character is linked to the first one which is decision making. This problem does not surprisingly show up at work but rather outside work. At work I feel confident about the decisions which I make, after thoroughly analyzing everything, however in everyday life I m... ... middle of paper ... ...ence, Frugality and Cleanliness. I was trying to avoid any trifling conversations and chit-chats. Started to devote more time and energy to doing good things to other people around me. By the end of the working day I always end up with massy table, so this was quite a big achievement to leave my table arranged every day. The same was applied to home. The Self-Improvement Plan was challenging but in order to really improve your character and habits it should not be just one time exercise but should be done on regular basis, thus the next steps for me would be to do it again and try to improve and improve. You can not become a good leader overnight, it requires lots of hard work, as very correctly noted by Covey: “Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny” – a destiny of a great leader.

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