The Importance Of Becoming Bloomfield High School Miss Nashdoi

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When I was a child, I have always wanted to experience what it would be like to become an ambassador for my community and high school. To experience how my life transition and who will I meet. Becoming Bloomfield High School Miss Nashdoi 2014-2015 has changed my life and taught me a positive lesson. The night I became crowned on October 29, 2014, as Miss Nashdoi at Bloomfield High School. The title has given me several opportunities to explore. I was able to have the chance to use my abilities and put my thoughts into use in my community. My platform as a royalty was learning to be a leader and leaving your comfort zone. Before being crowned as Miss Nashdoi, I was shy. I never talked to my teachers or interacted with people I met. I was afraid…show more content…
Nakai and my family were my support throughout my year as being Bloomfield High School Miss Nashdoi. Mrs. Nakai made an impact in my life by giving me the opportunity to be able to attend conferences. My family supported me with every decision I made upon myself. The lesson I had to learn from being an ambassador is learning to always stay positive. Unexpectedly, I had met people who were negative. This has given me a different perspective. The leadership skills that I had developed were to bring back information to my community for other youth to learn. Not only have I learned to teach but children, adults, and elderly people have taught me along the way. My niece once told me “I inspired her to make a difference in her life.” Therefore, she becomes Miss Farmington American Indian Ambassador 2015-2016. However, I always try to use this lesson today because I remain positive through difficult situations. I still learn from people throughout my life as they teach me life…show more content…
If I had never become an ambassador as Bloomfield High School Miss Nashdoi, I wouldn’t be able to feel comfortable being out of my comfort zone. It taught me to be away from my parents for a week by traveling to different places and being on my own without the help from my parents. Learning to interact with children to elderly people. Being able to consider what life must offer with accepting opportunities that are given. It became my first time becoming an ambassador for my high school and my community. I have met many people and they have become part of my life as they are my own family and made me feel accomplished that I inspire my own family to want to become a better person for
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