The Importance Of Becoming A Counselor

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In life human beings deal with depression, anxiety, heartbreak and the loss of a loved ones. Counselors can help individuals overcome these problems. Counselors listen to you and try to understand what is going on in your life and in your head. I have been interested in counseling for about a year now. I realized that I am good at listening and giving advice. Counselors, or psychologists, help with behavioral issues and they record how individuals work with one another. They study emotions and social processes. I want to make a difference in people’s lives and being a counselor will enable me to do that. To become a successful counselor most clinics require a “doctoral degree, students can complete a PhD in psychology or a Doctor of Psychology…show more content…
I have to go to college first and get my degree and I of course have to get a job. I know there are risks involved with counseling that may include depression, however I am becoming a counselor to help people get out of the depression state. The hours may be long or my days may be slow, despite that I will hopefully be making a difference. Psychologists get paid pretty well and the employment rate is expected to grow. I am going to make sure my personal life and work life don’t mix because in my personal life I have to focus on my future kids or animals. I know I have a little time before I start to do something that I love, on the other hand it is just around the corner and coming faster than I think. I am ready to help people and I am ready to make a difference that this world needs.
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