The Importance Of Ballet Performance

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As well as helping with the above leadership qualities, you can also gain essential leadership abilities from ballet.

The ability to multi-task

If you’ve ever watched a ballet performance, you know how many different things are going on at the same time. The dancers often need to not only be on top of what the other dancers are doing, while performing their own routine. But the dancer must also perform different choreographies with his or her hands and feet.

This type of ability to multi-task is essential for leaders. You’ll need to juggle different tasks at the same time. The focus must not be on just the big picture, but also the finer details. Furthermore, you aren’t simply just performing various tasks and scraping by, you are in fact,
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Like we’ve mentioned above, the dancer can wholly captivate the audience and make them feel the passion the dancer has for his or her craft.

The posture during the performance is all about the present – the full stretch of the body, the expressiveness of the face ensures the dancer captivates the whole room with their presence.

In a Huffington Post interview, Japanese ballerina Misa Kuranaga explained the importance of presence by talking about a performance that captivated her. She was watching a performance and felt radiating energy from a dancer, who wasn’t in a leading role. “The way she was performing onstage was so beautiful; she was giving everything she had for that moment, for those five minutes of demonstration,” Kuranaga said.

The same way a competent leader can stand out from the crowd. A leader must be able to capture the room’s attention, with authority, charm and passion. Leading isn’t just about saying and doing the right things; our communication is as much about the verbal cues as it is about the non-verbal cues.

If you are looking to learn more about physical presence and its importance to leadership, ballet is a fantastic
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The dedication of the Russian choreographers and dancers added the effectiveness to this beautiful dance.

In ballet, you need to follow your training to become excellent, you learn the routine to a performance, you go on stage, you dance your part, and you walk off the stage until you start the routine again.

Leadership follows this same routine – the routine of getting things done. Leaders don’t have the luxury of analysing every move for hours or discussing topics until the dawn. Leaders must have the ability to know when to practice, when to perform and when to walk off the stage.

Dancing to become a better leader

The above qualities and abilities are essential to ballet and to business leadership. The art form is such an eloquent display of what perseverance, discipline and hard work can accomplish. It highlights the essential aspect of leading, but also working as a part of a group. The ability of the dancers to focus and endure is something valuable every leader, who wishes to accomplish success, should study and learn from. So next time you go experience a ballet performance, remember to look at the show through a new
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