The Importance Of Bacterial Resistance To Antibiotics

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At the moment, there are trillions of bacteria just swarming around your body, in the air and in the food. These microbes are everywhere. As a duty we should take action and destroy all of these menaces of nature and create a better tomorrow. The only question is how does one combat all of these microbes on such a large scale. So far the answer has been, “BLAST THEM DOWN WITH ANTIBIOTICS!” This style of thinking was working for a while, but it will not last for long. Antibiotics do more harm than good to justify using them so profusely.
Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is inevitable because it is an evolutionary trait that a living organism will create a defense against some force that is lethal to them. Bacteria can create a defense easier when the force, in this case antibiotics, is given in too small of amounts, or for too short of a period of time. Maura Meade-Callahan, Ph.D., a microbiologist who conducts research, states, “Stopping when you feel better means that some bacteria in your body were exposed to only small doses of the antibiotic and have survived. They are...
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