The Importance Of Autonomy In Health Care

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. But it was Elsie’s right to refuse to get transfer to the hospital which can be supported by the Liberalism which lay stress on that civic life , public policy , and action of state should aim on promoting and respecting the autonomous life of each human being(Harris,2011). As per belief of liberalism , the concept of living a good life is different to every human being as a distinct autonomous being , and life the person values relies on their particular condition and features( Harris 2011). By saying this Elsie’s decision for not being resuscitated should have been respected by the health professionals as it breached her autonomy to make the decision regarding what’s right for her life and also regarding the concept of liberalism(…show more content…
In the scenario the decision made by the RN and the paramedics have breached the respect of autonomy of Elsie and failed to respect the decision made by Elsie. Megan-Janes 20.. implifies that people have the right and are to free to choose and act on their choices provided that their decision and act doesn’t impinge on moral interest of other people. Likewise Elsie’s choice to not to get advance treatment was of no harm to any other people rather than herself. In health settings Principle of Autonomy protests the patients right to be respected as dignified human being capable of making decision what is right for them even if everyone thinks that it is not right( ).In short health professionals must allow patient to participate in the decision making when it comes to their care and treatment. Furthermore (Harris 2011) have explained that it is very vital to respect patient’s autonomus decision to refuse intervention which is based on the principle of autonomy. Furthermore, in the scenario where the pressure of patient’s autonomy is in line, the argument depends on other moral principles( ).In this says Principle of non-maleficence gives justification. The Principle of non-maleficence says above all do no harm which means not to injure others or harm them ( ). Likewise , the RN and the Paramedics in the scenario had no intention of doing any harm to Elsie rather than saving her life. ( ) suggested that in nursing context the principle of non-maleficence would provide justification for performing any act which unfairly injures or makes a person to suffer which was avoidable. This will explain why the health professionals performed those acts despite the protest of Elsie which resulted in death of Elsie. Principle of Beneficence is another moral principle which defends against the principle of

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