The Importance Of Authority In Scripture

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Through the gaze of systematic theology, I find it to be true that there is authority in scripture, for all words in scripture are Gods words. Scripture is truthful and without error. Is inerrant and clear. And Scripture is necessary for knowledge of the gospel, and sufficient for our spiritual needs. Through studying Bible doctrine: essential teachings of the Christian faith, along with scripture itself, I have found the above doctrinal statement to be accurate.
The first point of this doctrine is the authority in scripture. The authority in scripture means that to disobey scripture is to disobey God. This is true because the Bible claims it for itself . In verses like Jerimiah 1:9, we see the words of God manifested in the words of prophets,
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Scripture is truthful, for God cannot lie or speak falsely. Grudem states, “the essence of the authority of Scripture is its ability to compel us to believe and obey it.” This quote resonated with me as I considered my spiritual journey and Scriptures ability to persuade and convict in my own life. Grudem states that since the writers of the Bible continuously support that the Bible is written by humans, but is actually Gods own words. We must look to Scripture for its truthfulness. Two examples of Gods truthfulness in scripture come from Titus 1:2 which says “God, who never lies” and Hebrews 6:18 which says, “it is impossible for God to lie.” (Grudem…show more content…
“The necessity of Scripture means that the Bible is necessary for knowledge of the gospel, for maintaining spiritual life, and for certain knowledge of God’s will” (Grudem 54). Grudem claims that the Bible is necessary for salvation, and that one must hear the gospel or read it, in order to come to Christ. Matthew 4:4, states that man cannot live on bread alone, but on the word of God. This verse affirms the statement that Scripture is necessary for maintaining a spiritual life. (Grudem 54-5). The issues of the necessity of scripture is so important, because I feel it defines and unites our faith. Without a need for scripture, faith would ultimately be
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