The Importance Of Authoritarian Parenting Styles

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Parents play a major role in shaping children’s lives because of how they decide to raise their children. Starting from the very early age, it’s the parents that teach their children what is wrong and what is right. Parents are the first teachers of a children and the way the parents up bring their children determines the children’s psychological state of mind. According to Kim (1099), early years of learning in a child's life is believed to make a significant difference in the way they develop and go on to learn throughout their lives. A parenting style is a psychological construct that represents standard strategies used for child rearing by parents (Spera, 2005). Children go through different stages in life and parents create their own parenting…show more content…
Failure to follow the rules leads to the punishment by parents and parents usually do not explain the reasoning behind the rules. Authoritarian parenting impacts not only on the current relationship between the parents and child but it also brings the long-term effect on emotional development of child towards the adulthood (Miller, 2010). According to Williams (2009), the authoritarian parenting style can lead to greater social withdrawal in children with low behavioral impulse and greater acting out behavior in children with high behavioral impulse. The externalization of anti-social behavior in children is linked with authoritarian parenting style as a result of low parental warmth, inconsistency and harsh discipline towards the children (Ehrensaft , Wassrman, Greenwald, , Miller, & Davies, 2003). According to studies (Asher 2006), the largest percentages 46% of parents or guardians of juveniles for felony offenses are identified most closely with an authoritarian style of parenting. Children of authoritarian parents are less likely to have trouble with self-control and regulating their emotions. However, the effect of authoritarianism also depends on how harsh, cold and punitive a parent is. This suggest that authoritarian parenting is less effective in developing child’s social skills and more likely to have poor psychological…show more content…
In this type of parenting, spoiling the children’s behavior by giving bribes and gifts are their parenting tools instead of setting the boundaries and expectations. Parents are often afraid to set limits as they believe child has to be true to his or her own nature (Traunter, 2017). According to research (2009), children under the permissive parenting approach is more likely to display low achievement in many areas and develop other risky behaviors such as drug use and other forms of misconduct. Children under the permissive parenting grow up without the strong sense of self-discipline. Since the parents don’t set the boundaries for the children, they lack the skills in social setting. They might be good at interpersonal communication as they are free to their own will and parents have no control over it, children lack the other important skills like sharing. Freedom without limits leads to significant consequences in children’s upbringing (Gross, 2016). This can lead to the lack of organization skills, motivation and lack of self-discipline. These findings suggest that permissive parenting style could lead to negative outcomes of overall development of children as they will grow up struggling with problem-solving skills and may likely to engage in misconduct. Children make their own decisions so they are more demanding and
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