The Importance Of Authetic Intuition

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Can you boost your psychic intuition with brain exercise? You'll find out shortly. We are all intuitive creatures by design. Everyone is capable of varying degree of intuition. Research has found that high level of intuitive ability is a critical success factor in career and life. The question is: How to strengthen the muscle of your psychic intuition? What is the brain exercise that can increase your intuitive power? The answer is: Drawing! How can drawing increase your psychic intuition? First, let's understand this from the point of how drawing functions as a brain exercise. Drawing is a whole skill that makes up of a group of component skills, namely, the skills of perception of: 1. Edges 2. Spaces 3. Relationships 4. Lights and shadows 5. Whole, or gestalt These perceptual skills become integrated into a whole skill that determines your ability to draw. Once you learn the principles of these skills, you can learn to draw relatively quickly. In the process of learning to draw, your brain goes through a complex chain of brain exercise to learn how to control the way it hand...

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