The Importance Of Authentic Assessment In Kindergarten

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1. The role of a teacher in a high-quality kindergarten is to guide student learning. The children should be allowed to make choices and guide their own learning. The teacher should be right there beside them deepening their understanding by asking questions. The teacher should give students ideas of topics they may need to explore. The role of the teacher planning lessons and setting up the classroom, make lesson plans, and instruction are still the job of the teacher, but the early childhood classroom teacher’s job is to make the classroom as student centered as possible to let children build their love of learning and natural curiosity of the world they live in.
2. A kindergartener’s environment should be set up in a way that the children
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Assessment is an important area of a teacher’s career. Assessment is the one way that teachers know that their students have met their standard and are on track with where they should be in the kindergarten year. If the student is behind in the subject area that gives the teacher a chance to either work with those children within a small group or teach the large group that topic again if many students don’t understand. Assessment is a way to modify instruction based on the students’ educational level. It can tell the teacher if the topic is too easy or too difficult for the students. Authentic assessment in kindergarten is key. The article, Crisis in Kindergarten, states, “testing of children under age eight are subject to serious errors and their use is largely invalid” (Miler, Almon, 2009, p. 19). They are not the only research article to agree on this topic that young children need to be tested using a variety of methods, not just pencil paper tests. Authentic assessment is mean to assess students learning in a meaningful way, so that they will show the teacher their full knowledge because they will not realize they are being evaluated. As a teacher authentic assessment is going to give truer results, as the student will be completing the assessment through play or an environment where they are confident and comfortable. Performance assessment is designed to be representative of real tasks in the world. The students may self-evaluate students, and students are evaluated based on the knowledge they already. Performance assessment can be teacher made. Academic or developmental checklists are authentic assessments since the teacher just checks off if the student meets the skill listed. These checklists can be used to show student growth over time. Another authentic assessment is academic or developmental rubrics, which articulates the expectations for a skill and allows students to show their knowledge in a variety of ways. Anecdotal records are when the

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