The Importance Of Assessment Rubrics

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During a person’s life, there will be various forms of assessments that we will have to face. From the very first breath of life, a baby’s Apgar score is assessed at the first minute after birth and again at five minutes’ post-birth. All public schools use some form of formal assessment to track the student’s development in basic areas of science, reading and math. Assessments are just a way of life; they are the way society measures progress and growth. Assessments also are used to check for a lack of understanding and help define any problems that may not be so obvious to the naked eye. There are various forms of assessments that a student will experience while in school; some they may not even know are taking place, while other forms require…show more content…
One way to ensure that a student has developed an understanding of the information that the teacher is teaching is through various assessments. Assessment Rubrics are one form of assessment that helps to give a clear expectation, feedback, are easy to use and explain, and helps to ensure consistency and reliability for every student (Gange’, Golas, Wagner, Keller, 2005, p268). A rubric is similar to a checklist that follows a certain list of criteria that the teacher feels the student must meet within the assessment. Next to each criteria, is a scale or point system. The more a student meets the criteria, the more points they will receive. This type of assessment allows the teacher to breakdown each area of importance, and give points based on that area. This helps the student understand what is correct, and what areas need improvement. Assessment Rubric can also be used as a form of self-assessment; this allows a student to check his or her own work (Gange’, Golas, Wagner, Keller, 2005, p…show more content…
If used properly, rubrics help teachers teach by avoiding any confusion within the assignment, and thus helping keep the students focused on what the criteria is and how to achieve it. Rubrics also help coordinate instruction and assessment by making the “path to learning more cohesive than a string of assignments with related but different criteria” (p. 8). With the use of rubrics helping teachers teach more effectively and helping coordinate the instruction of assignments it is only natural with these to working together that you would see an improvement in students learning. With effective rubrics showing students what is expected and how to achieve each level of criteria there will be an increase in the knowledge of the students understanding of what they are to
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