The Importance Of Art On Graffiti

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Art: Is Graffiti a Masterpiece to be Noticed? Cities are colored secretly by pictures drawn by painters of the night. Numerous underground artists are perused by the red and blue lights for painting empty canvases seen only as just another building wall. Although faced with fines and possible sentencing, those who pass by these imprints can be seen as pieces of art. The word “art” could be defined an expression of oneself on a canvas, the act of performing a creative activity, and/or the representation of an event to remind people of history. Art can be found anywhere: a board, cloth, paper, and anywhere a person can depict their imagination. Emotions can be expressed through graffiti. In art, graffiti is a reminder that the two feelings of obedience and rebellion exist instantaneously and reason can be outweighed by the need for expression. Graffiti is fewer a comment on social struggle and more a form of resilient forcefulness. Graffitists use a…show more content…
Graffiti fulfills a desire for people to enclose blank exteriors back into the public eye. Graffiti is often hurried yet, also mapped and calculated, it is muddled and polished, primitive and contemporary. It is art that can further deceive, isolate, blight, and sully a neighborhood. However, it also sometimes reveals a color saturated vibrant uneasiness that marks the city as the graffitists’ territory. Professor Michael DeNotto of the University of Illinois has researched on graffitists and their reason as to why graffitists profane the cities. Professor DeNotto believes “a cry for revolution, a way to create awareness of socio-political issues, an expression of hope for the future, an effort to reclaim public spaces, or an attempt to beautify the urban environment, among others” (208). Graffitists may not have the same social standards as artists in the galleries but they can have the same influence on

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