The Importance Of Apployee Satisfaction And Employer Service

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According to Newman (2016) everyone within the organization must aim to achieve great customer service for it to be possible, therefore linking employee attitude and satisfaction to excellent service and profitable growth. Though employee attitude proves difficult to measure or control to certain extents, if neglected poor employee attitude and low morale could result in lower productivity and work quality. A positive work environment would result in happier employees, thus positive employee attitude which would reflect on how customers are treated. A positive work environment will also motivate employees to treat customers with the care and extra effort they believe the organization grants them. Proper training and adequate resources to carry…show more content…
Employee attitude affects all stages of service delivery and motivated employees would acknowledge that customer service is more than just being polite and courteous. In addition motivated employees would remain calm and positive when dealing with customer complaints and stressful situations. Employees must be given the opportunity to express their opinions and views on how they believe positive employee attitude and great service can be achieved and sustained. This would establish clear and open communication lines as well as ensure employees feel responsible for excellent service. In turn employees would do the same for customers, which is important in customer service. Clear and honest communication will gain customers trust and lead to more and loyal customers. Quality customer service can only be achieved through the combined efforts of everyone within the organization and therefore it is important to ensure employees understand their role and the importance of keeping a positive attitude. Employee attitude is the result of how they are treated by the organization, so creating a positive respectful environment will lead to automatic benefits for the…show more content…
To achieve customer satisfaction the firm needs to sustain quality service which will lead to increase in profits, improve the organizations image and save costs. All persons within the firm must be engaged in providing customer satisfaction, with management ensuring they provide a customer oriented environment which in turn ensures customer driven services. How a customer perceives service quality and the overall firm is influenced by the interaction with as well as the behaviour and personality of employees. Muniu (2015) states that many firms do major investments in order to improve customer loyalty while neglecting the importance of motivating employees to meet the goals of the firm. In today’s competitive market, motivating employees to offer quality service would result in customer loyalty through customer satisfaction and give the organization a competitive edge. Companies have now realized that though processes and technology may be replicated by other companies, the value brought on by motivated and well trained employees cannot be replicated. Therefore companies have now placed more focus on employee motivation and improvements. Studies show that employee motivation has effects on customer satisfaction, while the work environment affects the motivational levels of employees. Employees satisfied with the efforts made by the
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