The Importance Of Appearance And Reality In Life

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In life, many things happen that seem to be one thing, but turn out to be another. Every little thing can cause someone to go on a journey, be it a physical journey, or a spiritual journey. What happened may not always be clear to us, and others may never know the truth, as any single event that happens is really two things: an appearance and a reality. There are many things in our everyday lives that are not as they seem—a class taken leading to a completely different career than we expected, a simple conversation with a stranger leading to a relationship, or an event bonding two seemingly different people. Every little thing can take us on a journey as well—getting what you wished for after a desperate attempt to get it by praying turning someone into a devout believer. In a physical sense, a short…show more content…
In each of our everyday lives we see people who put on a mask while in certain situations or in front of certain people, and only revert back to themselves when they are more comfortable. Young children often do this when they meet new people; they act shy and do not talk very much. There are also people who put on a mask in order to trick others, and make themselves look good in front of important people. Sometimes when a new boss or teacher is first hired, the employees or students try to make themselves look good by behaving differently than usually. There are also dangerous criminals who impersonate others, and then try to hurt whoever they can by using this fake identity. This can be seen in many different terrorist attacks, where terrorists have fake passports, and pretend to be people they are not in order to be allowed into a country or a city. All of these things show that even when we think we know who someone is, we do not know their real personality, and sometimes do not even know their real

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