The Importance Of Antibiotic Resistance

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Gyssens: • Antibiotic use and resistance correlate undoubtedly with the level of use by both individuals and the population as a whole. Pg. 12 • Major problems that arise from antibiotic resistance include: unsuccessful treatments, longer hospital stays, costly bills, and even mortality. Pg. 12 • While resistance becomes more prevalent, the treatment options become scarce. This scarcity can eventually lead patients to high risk situations including death. Pg. 12 • Reasons for abuse of antibiotics are very wide-ranging, from healthcare professional uncertainty to patient’s expectations of antibiotics. Table 1 shows the main reasons healthcare professionals may prescribe antibiotics when they may not be needed. Pg. 13 • Through prescribers understanding proper prescribing methods, antibiotic resistance can be greatly reduced. These methods include: “optimizing the indication, selection, dosing, route of administration, duration, and timing of antibiotic therapy.” Pg. 18 Brooks: • “The decision to prescribe is made in partnership with patients [and doctors] and is determined by clinic...
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