The Importance Of Ancient Egyptian Architectural Culture

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Saul Franco-Jimenez
ART 103
Professor: Alan Byrne
April 27, 2015

Ancient Egyptian architectural believes

The Ancient Egyptian architectural culture is very unique to all because it's mysterious in many ways. The way the pyramids were built, the way their religion motivated their architecture, and what they believed in is very interesting and astonishing to a lot of people. One of the greatest cultural achievements of Ancient Egypt was undoubtedly in their architecture associated with religion. The Egyptians were the greatest builders "Temples, tombs and pyramids - all have witnessed this earth for thousands of years. The pyramids of Egypt are the last remaining Wonder of the World.
What better than to say that these architectural achievements
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Pyramid, Temple, Tomb, Sculpture each standing through time. All of then they stands out - they are all associated with religious beliefs, they all have stood for thousands of years, and they still standing now. All involve faience genius the moving of enormous stones without the use of the wheel. For the Egyptians the hardness and durability of stone symbolized permanence and eternity. Stone was, therefore, the material from which temples and tombs were built, the finest and most graters examples are the construction of the pyramid. These two factors, belong to the religious and architecture of ancient Egypt, do nothing else but prove its greatness of what we have this days. "...the Egyptians made their complex hierarchy of Gods, and their strange religion. In the service of that religion they made their architecture" (Romer: 75, 1982). These pyramids were built to protect the bodies Of Egyptian kings and other royalty but before the pyramids became the standard for burials, tombs were used for Egypt's early rulers, nobles, and other high…show more content…
The pyramids are such a mystery of how they do it, because of their massive size and no help from any source of wheel or horses. These structures reach heights up to 482 feet once covered with limestone and can weigh million tons. The sphinx which is one of the unique ancient monument with the body of a lion and the head of their king. Many people believe it was built for king Chephren since the head is similarity to his structure. These pyramids were temples, tombs and monuments have awed people for many centuries and for many more centuries to come. The Pyramids of Giza is the only one, which survive trough time till this day. For the construction of this pyramid. Herodotus says that '100,000 men worked for twenty years fed on a diet of onions' (Romer:82, 1982) are examples of great achievement, but the greatness extends to the actual mechanics of construction. Egypt have the biggest and the greatest collection of all monuments from the ancient world. Even In the days of Ancient Egypt when powerful pharaohs ruled over Egypt the Pyramids were considered magnificent wonders. Such huge wonders constructed thousands of years back with such precision and skill to last thousands of years can only be seen as conclusive evidence that the advanced religious architecture of ancient Egypt is magnificent. Today, the remains of 35
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