The Importance Of An Extrasolar Planet

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Extrasolar planets are a fascinating study in the field of astronomy. Since the first one was discovered back in 1992, scientists and planet hunters have confirmed more than one thousand exoplanets out of more than three thousand candidates. An extrasolar planet is any planet outside our own solar system. The importance of finding them is not just for the knowledge they are present in our universe, but to find possible earth-planets as well. You cannot take your average telescope and point to the heavens and find an exoplanet, though. Finding these hidden objects takes different techniques and technology.
For example, the best way to find an exoplanet is to use radial velocity, or better known as, the Doppler Method. The Doppler Method uses the host star’s radial velocity variations of what is thought to be an extrasolar planet, to locate them. Another successful method is the Transit Method. When a planet goes in front of the star’s disk, the brightness of the star decreases. The amount of the star’s dim level during this process determines the size of the planet passing in front of it. There are many different ways for an extrasolar planet to be discovered and confirmed. This list is of the other ways to discover these planets: transit timing variation, transit duration variation, gravitational lensing, astrometry, pulsar timing, polarimetry, and so on.

In the incredible and unimaginably large universe we live in, we have to have technology to explore into the vast unknown of deep space. With the ambition and strive to learn about the darkness in the sky, we have conquered great obstacles and have achieved so much as humans on one planet. We have been to the moon, along with several planets in our own solar system. Technolo...

... middle of paper ... and all the other planets and the sun revolved around it. Look how crazy it is to think that now. It isn’t crazy because it is fact that earth isn’t the center.
Technology and knowledge has brought us across great voids that we thought weren’t possible to attempt. We flew to the moon in 1969, but now we have the power to fly to Mars. In the near future, Terraforming Mars will not just be a science fictional idea. It could actually be done. It is a long process to do, but it can be done. Imagine the power of technology hundreds of years from now. Imagine the feats we can accomplish with this technology and then the earth moon seems possible. That is, of course, if we find one there. None of these ideas could happen if this moon earth does not exist. I guess one could say that we hope this earth moon does exist because the human race might depend on it one day.
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