The Importance Of An Event Program

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Chance Boucher
Event Program
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January 1, 2014

Have you ever been to a live performance? A live performance can be a play, an opera show, ballet, and even a sporting event like football and hockey. Many live events will have programs or booklets. As you enter the event, you could be handed or are able to purchase an event program. These programs have goals, the goals are to inform the patron and to raise money. The program would inform the patron on what they should be expecting to see. Also it will have information on the event and people involved in the event. Selling the program can raise money for a team or group. There is a lot that comes when creating a program for an event. First it helps to know what a program is and what belongs in one. Then you need money in order to have each booklet printed. Next, they need to be distributed to the people attending the event, otherwise people will not receive a program. Background information, eye appeal, funding, and distribution are factors that come into play when creating an event program.
“ Hell is empty and all the devils are here” is the program or playbill for the William Shakesperes The Tempest. The importance and purpose of a program is many fold, inform the patrons, raise money through advertising, give the performers an identity while providing a tangible item. “A programme or program[1] is a booklet available for patrons attending a live event such as theatre performances, fêtes, sports events, etc. It is a printed leaflet outlining the parts of the event scheduled to take place, principal performers and background information. In the case of theatrical performance...

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...ibuted is at the doors of the event. As people walk in and buy their ticket the program will be in their sights to purchase. When selling you definitely want to sell as many as possible. Also you want to make sure you do not make more programs than you actually sell. Otherwise you would have too many left over and this can cost you money. It is very important to distribute your booklet accurately, to not cost you.

Background information, eye appeal, funding, and distribution are factors that come into play when creating an event program. There needs to be background information to allow the audience to get some general knowledge of the event. Without the correct funding you will not be able to print your booklet. Also there will not be any money to raise by selling each booklet. You need the distribution to get the booklets to the event, and out to each patron.
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