The Importance Of An Effective Teacher

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Albert Einstein once said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” (“27 Awesome”, 2015). This is essentially what every effective teacher strives to accomplish. An ineffective teacher, however, is not one to go above and beyond for the sake of a student’s education. This makes effective teachers one of the most important assets to a classroom. To be an effective teacher, one must master the skill of class and time management, be conscious of classroom diversity, and use cooperative learning as well as other techniques or strategies.
Effective teaching and learning are not able to take place in a poorly managed classroom. This makes classroom management one of the key components when becoming
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Effective teachers are skilled in the use of cooperative learning and graphic organizers as well as understanding when these strategies should be implemented and with whom. The three instructional outcomes of cooperative learning are academic achievement, tolerance and acceptance of diversity, and development of social skills. In addition to these outcomes, cooperative learning may benefit both low and high achieving students by having the students work together on tasks. According to Arends, “The cooperative learning environment sets the stage for students to learn valuable social skills that can be used throughout life” (p.371-372). However, although cooperative learning might seem highly effective in one particular lesson, a different approach can be better suitable for another lesson (Marzano et al., 2015). Another strategy an effective teacher can put into practice is problem-based learning. This involves the exposing students to meaningful situations as a way to promote student investigation and inquiry (Miller, 2012). An effective teacher needs to know which strategy best fits with each lesson or
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