The Importance Of An Effective Secondary Teacher

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Teachers have played a significant role in education system. They are an essential part to develop schools and facilitate students to achieve their outcomes such as the skills of creative thinking, problem-solving and collaboration. According to Stronge (2013), unless we develop the quality of teaching in schools, it will not be successful to increase the high standard of schools and constructively influence the lives of learner. It is worth to point out that teachers occupy the initial position to approach the development of teaching in schools. In other words, teachers signify extremely in related to both school development and student achievement (Stronge, 2013). However, not every teacher could approach these positive changes effectively. Thus, to be an effective teacher is crucial for both schools and students. This essay will define what is an effective secondary teacher by outlining three characters that such teachers should possess, which are a positive attitude, a high level of content knowledge, an ability of delivery an effective lesson. What is an effective secondary teacher? An effective secondary teacher can be defined as these teachers who significantly impact and facilitate all of their students, in spite of their socioeconomic status, to achieve considerable outcomes and gain more knowledge by presenting an effective teaching (Stronge, 2007; Stronge, 2013; Duta, 2015). According to both Lupascu, Pânisoară and Pânisoară (2014) and Killen (2015), for secondary students, good teachers are no longer to pass primary technique such as reading, writing but to educate skills including critical thinking, problem-solving and technological literacy to learners. This education requires teachers to deliver an effective teach... ... middle of paper ... ...stance, subject associated intelligence and the ability of effective delivery. For example, positive attitude is the key element to create a comfortable learning environment. In addition, knowledge of content is vital to support students to solve the confusion. Moreover, effective delivery including planning and reflection provide meaningful learning opportunities to learners. As mentioned above, effective teachers are essential to schools and students. Therefore, to develop more and more effective teachers, a professional development training should be provided to individual teachers associated to diverse situations. Furthermore, governments and education system should also apply flexible curricula and free investment in the communication between teachers and students. As a result of these supports, effective teachers would develop education systems significantly.

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