The Importance Of An Educated Mind

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“It’s the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” One theory of the meaning of this quote, by Aristotle, is that the trait of open-mindedness exhibits the presence of an educated mind. The question at hand is, why is an “educated mind” so imperative? Receptiveness is pivotal in the world today as it is mandatory to interact with others, who have diverging ideas, on a daily basis; without it, communication barriers are formed between loved ones, acquaintances, and even strangers. An educated mind is beneficial to citizens and professionals alike and should be taught in higher education by developing students’ identities using the particular mindset. The use of logical reasoning when observing other’s…show more content…
It gives them the ability to accept others and make connections with the most diverse people, and it helps them assimilate different cultures. The receptiveness assists with buoyancy and relieves the stress and pressure because they are more willing to revise their ideas; it also has a positive impact on problem-solving skills, due to a more expansive view of various situations(essential life skills). The problem with most people who claim they are open-minded is that they easily adapt to the ideas and values of the surrounding environment; however, that is not what was intended to be conveyed in Aristotle’s quote. On the contrary, an educated mind is based on the ability to approach an idea, analyze its validity, then conform to the idea that it is more justifiable. The power to “entertain” a thought while simultaneously considering its factuality is the true “mark of an educated mind,” and is the definition of Aristotle’s idea in the quote. For…show more content…
Professionals benefit from the same outcomes of an educated mindset as common citizens and more. In order to be successful in the world today, professionals are obligated to consider all points of view and be able to accept that their views may be faulty and be willing to alter those ideas when found insufficient, hence the idea of the “educated mind.” Being able to contemplate an idea without accepting is one ability that should be entertained by all people, especially those in a professional environment. It is also crucial to be versatile in regard to new encounters and propositions, especially when the world’s view is changing daily and there are constantly new advancements(Chron); this includes acceptance of diversity, such as culture, race, gender, sexual preference, and ethnicity. The “educated mind” also assists in problem-solving, which is another pivotal factor as a professional. Problem-solving is enhanced when a variety of different solutions are obtainable; open-mindedness gives people the opportunity to expand their views, creating more options, thus superior solutions(essential life skills). The open-mindedness exhibits an employee’s capacity to learn and create new, supported ideas; in addition, it is appealing to employers to have people who are collaborative and perceptive. An

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