The Importance Of Age Discrimination In Nursing

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Aging Issue
I have been a Registered Nurse for over thirty-three years, nursing is my passion. I personally would like to continue to work as a nurse, until I am no longer physically or mentally able to. I am a sixty-five year old woman, working as a bedside nurse in a community hospital. I do not imagine myself doing anything else, but to continue to work as a registered nurse. I remained very active in my personal life and at work. My age has not slowed me down at all, and I continue to work effectively. However, lately at work, I have noticed that management has not offered or considered me for a promotion because they are being offered only to the younger nurses. Also, I have noticed that patient assignments have been easier than usual. Some younger nurses are making comments that the older nurses get the easier assignments, because we are older and unable to handle the workload. Furthermore, I
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I will give them the evidence I have collected supporting age discrimination, as conversations I had with coworkers. The supervisor’s attitude and actions after explaining to them my concerns and issues will determine my next step in solving this issue. I will tell them how their treatment because of my age makes me feel degraded. According to Bayl-Smith and Griffin (2014), “age discrimination is not merely conceived as a potential workplace stressor, but also as an important factor impacting one’s self-concept as an older worker” (Bayl-Smith & Griffin, 2014). If after meeting with the supervisors, the situation does not improve, I will have to consider getting a lawyer. However, the lawyer will have to be the last resort for me. Then again, I will explain to them that I am not seeking any special treatment, but to be treated with respect as I am a professional nurse, without my age being an

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