The Importance Of Aesthetic Design

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Aesthetic design has received great attentions extensively in various service system, product design (e.g., Hagtvedt and Patrick, 2014; Norman, 2004; Sauchelli, 2013), website design (Cai and Xu, 2011; Lavie and Tractinsky, 2004; Wang, Minor, and Wei 2011) and has been proved to be an important element for marketing. Most research reports that aesthetic design is a determinant of the marketplace success (Bloch, 1995), some researchers emphasized that aesthetics is important to the success of a website in attracting potential users’ attention and providing them with an enjoyable interactive experience (Hallnas, 2002; van Schaik, 2009). For example, Apple's website and iOS uses a range of unique interface elements that have become apparent on web apps and websites alike.
Among the studies on aesthetics, some have researched its effects in the context of website design. For example, Schenkman
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Co-creation (Vargo and Lusch 2010) suggests that consumers take and shape what is given—place, people, and brand—to create their own meanings. An environment designed with interactive aesthetics motivates consumers to interpret and involve with the place, people, and brand. The co-creation process is essential in understanding how consumers and brands collaborate in creating the connection with brands (Joy et al., 2014). Co-creation may create self-serving biases associated with high customer participation (Albinsson et al. 2011). Nevertheless, research on the influence of aesthetics on customer behavior in value co-creation is relatively sparse. Therefore, this study will focus on how aesthetics design influence customer behavior in value co-creation and its impact on self-brand
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