The Importance Of Adult Education

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Albert Einstein once said, “intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death,” ( I am driven to concur with these words. This philosophical view of education is from the perspective of the adult learner. My life prior to my formal education gave me a wealth of experience good and bad. Choosing not to continue any higher learning upon high school graduation, as I had been fed up with the school of pedagogy. At the time, I had no idea what pedagogy meant; I just knew I didn’t like being told what to learn without asking questions. More precisely…why? There was no autonomy in my early years of learning. Therefore, college was assumed to be the same and wanted nothing to do with it.
My college education
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Our society is in a constant state of change. Education is important to keep the adult learner updated and informed. There are many purposes for adult education such as an individual who seeks transformation via learning. Also, there is the societal aspect of adult education in which social transformation can occur in which, Knowles argues whether the outcome of learning should be based with the individual or socially (2015). Finally, there is institutional adult education where the goal is to continue the growth of the institution or organization. An example of this would be a hospital implementing a new electronic medical record (EMR), the institution needs to educate the staff how to use the new…show more content…
My perspective as a learner and educator is that educators should be lifelong learners, be willing to admit when they do not know something but are willing to find out. Educators should provide safety of learning for students; they also should provide praxis for the student Creativeness, adaptability, great communicators and listeners are some of the other roles that and educator should have (Vella, 2002). Knowles, Holton and Swanson suggest that an “educator is responsible for knowledge of individuals and knowledge of subject matter” (2015, p.
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