The Importance Of Adolescence

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There is a crucial stage in everyone’s childhood where we ponder on what we want to do with the rest of our uncertain lives. Erik Erikson, renowned psychologist, refers to this stage as Adolescence. During this essential stage, i believe it is for the child’s own best interest, that they should choose or find what they are good at by themselves, discover their natural talent, and just expand upon it which will ultimately build up who they are. I have two main reasons to hold this belief. One being that teens should develop their own identity. When they do this, they are discovering themselves and building upon their own character and how they are. Another reason is that teens should enjoy what they do. When teens enjoy what they do, they are…show more content…
This stage is a difficult stage, and it takes time for children to be successful at the end of the stage. I was in 8th grade when I focused on finding out I wanted to be when I grow up. Like most of my classmates at this age, I was unable to recognize what I wanted to be when I grow up so I knew I would have to put a whole lot more thought and consideration into this topic. Ever since my elementary school days, I was in love with art. I spent hours on weekends with my sketchbook, drawing everything, from birds to building, getting better and better as time passed. This was my main hobby for a while until my 2nd year in middle school. It was in 7th grade when I picked up my interest for computers. I started coding and video editing and loved it right away. I knew I would have to find a way to combine both of these interests to a career in the future so I looked into art and technology and way to integrate them. I found out about design' class='brand-secondary'>graphic design and towards the end of the 8th grade, I realized that my natural talent would lie in graphic design. I spent hours everyday working on designs when I got home from school. These hours came straight from my motivation to be better at doing what I love. This stands behind the point that when you choose what you want to do in the future
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