The Importance Of Admirable Teachers

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For the next school year, Henry M. Gunn High School changed their schedule to block schedule in order reduce stress. Although using block schedule is an acceptable way to reduce stress and help give students an ideal education, admirable teachers are more important for children to reach an ideal educational experience. Great teachers are teachers that care about their students. The students then are motivated to achieve more in their education. A great teacher can change in futures of their students, no matter how hopeless it seems. These teachers are the essential for a fantastic educational experience because they can help raise a child’s confidence, they can raise their students’ test scores up immediately, and they improve a child’s future.…show more content…
To illustrate, a research called “The Long-Term Impacts Of Teachers: Teacher Value-Added And Student Outcomes In Adulthood” conducted by Raj Chetty and John N. Friedman of Harvard and Jonah E. Rockoff of Columbia. In the research, they studied one million children in the same district from 4th grade to adulthood. There was two parts of the study. For the first part of the research, they studied how the test score of children change by a high VA teacher. A VA of the teacher is the teacher 's average test scores of their students. According to the study, a high VA teacher can change the results of their student’s grades instantaneously. “We find that when a high VA teacher joins a school, test scores rise immediately in the grade taught by that teacher; when a high VA teacher leaves, test scores fall. Test scores change only in the subject taught by that teacher...” This shows that when a high VA teacher come and leaves, the test scores of the children improve or decreases by the subject the teacher teaches. Having high test score is usually a sign that you are doing well in the subject, that you are comfortable in that subject. If you aren’t as stressed over a subject, then you will have a more ideal educational experience that being stressed over the subject. A great teacher can also change the test scores of their students…show more content…
They may argue that better technology, later start-times, or a change of curriculum is more essential to an ideal education. For instance, later start times are better for students’ health, because teenagers are not getting enough sleep due to the change of their sleep cycles. Better technology can help children learn a lot more in depth than before. A change of curriculum can help children interest them in subjects they never were before. Though it is true that they would help children get a more ideal educational experience, an admirable teacher is still much more important. Great teachers can provide a good future to their students unlike better technology, later start-times, or a change of curriculum. For example, in the second part of the research, Chetty, Friedman, and Rockoff observed the long term effects of a high VA teacher. Students who get high VA teachers tend to live better lives and make more money. “In the second part of our study, we analyze whether high VA teachers also improve students’ long-term outcomes. We find that students assigned to higher VA teachers are more successful in many dimensions. They are more likely to attend college, earn higher salaries, live in better neighborhoods, and save more for retirement. They are also less likely to have children as teenagers…replacing a teacher whose estimated VA based on three years of data is in the

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