The Importance Of Adjusting To Change

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Managing a staff can be hard for anyone because it adds on an enormous amount of stress. Managing your own staff can also be rewarding to you and the employees. You begin to build lifelong connections with your employees and you gain a lot of different skills and abilities. Sometimes it can come with some negatives as well such as difficult employees, changes within the organization and even a facility change. Change is good but can be hard for some people to adjust too. It makes them feel uncomfortable because they now have to step out of their comfort zone. Change can add a lot of beneficial factors both positive and negative. Sometimes something can be positive for the organization and negative for the staff. There are four basic functions…show more content…
54). My department is relocating to a new facility and not all of my staff is happy about it, some are even threatening to leave. I have some plans in mind to help make things better for everyone including myself. Adjusting to change can be a very difficult thing. First, I am going to create a detailed plan that I am going to need in order to achieve the two goals for my organization. The first goal is to help all of my current employees make a smooth and plentiful transition into the new facility. This is going to show them that the move is going to be beneficial for everyone. The second goal is to help accommodate all of the new employees that are coming on board. This goal is essential because the volume of work is going to be doubling. Just by participating in these two activities, this will help to convince my employees to stick around. I will also be making a new policy that will be effective immediately once the relocation is…show more content…
Employees can feel a sense of doubt in moving or making changes to the current processes. The four basic functions of management can be beneficial for everyone in the department if done correctly. Sometimes you have to reassure someone that things are going to work out for the better in order to keep him or her around. Employees threaten to quit and that is not something that you do not want. You want people to feel comfortable and be happy in what they are doing but you also want to make necessary changes to enhance the business and performance of all employees. Everyone will gain knowledge and experience from this and this will be beneficial in their future endeavors. Once again the four basic functions of management are: planning, organizing, directing, and
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