The Importance Of Academic Intelligence

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During this semester, I have done various work such as reading and writing. This work includes reading articles from the book and writing essays. Some of the work I did was a challenge at the beginning, but I was able to persist and overcome those barriers. During the time I been in this class, I have learned many important strategies that have helped me improve in various ways. One major method that has improved my academic skills and quality in education has been the use of the Habits of Mind. During this semester I have had many struggles, but having a positive attitude towards the strategies and Habits of Mind has improved my academic intelligence. The knowledge I have learned these past days, have been extremely important that I am planning…show more content…
This experience demonstrated, how literacy such as reading could make a great impact in your life or make a difference in whom you are. The purpose of my essay was to describe a literacy snapshot I’ve been through and demonstrate to my audience how it provided me a positive experience. Having the opportunity of writing about my literacy snapshot was a great experience for the reason that it made me even value more the reading of the book “The Pact.” I had always valued this book since the beginning but, having to write about it made me notice the importance of the big impact it had in my life. My experience in the writing process of this essay was very different compared to other occasions considering the procedure I used. Having and trying the pre-writing worksheet was something totally different to me but really advantageous. The pre-writing made the writing assignment more simple by helping me pick my topic, structure my writing, and gather up information and ideas. Learning how to pre-write was really favorable while trying to organize my essay. In addition, I also learned strategies on how to revise my essay such as reading more than once to catch errors. Most importantly, I learned that literacy could have a huge impact in your life. Furthermore, my knowledge grow by applying some Habits of Mind such…show more content…
In this article the author is trying to convey a purpose to prove the misconception wrong about throwing like a girl (being the wrong way of doing things.) Having the opportunity of reading this article was a great experience because it made me relate on the problem. This misunderstanding of girls made me feel related to the problem for the reason that I grew up surrounded by men including women who believed I wasn 't capable of doing certain things as a female. This article taught me how a reading could make you feel identified and supported. Furthermore, I learned how the misconception is not only believed by men but also by women. In addition, we have also read “Always Living in Spanish” by Marjorie Agosin. As well as the other article, this reading has a purpose to make the audience relate to a situation. Reading this article, was a significant experience for the reason that it made me connect and feel identify with the author’s story. From Agosin writing, I was able to learn that even if English is your second language you could still achieve your goals and be successful in the United States. Both of this articles read in class, were really important because they described a problem in which many of us feel identify and they also conveyed an important message. While reading these articles, I was able to use my academic skills of understanding and feeling
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