The Importance Of Abortion

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Abortion is inhumane and the rights of the unborn child are not being protected if an abortion takes place. If two people conceive a child, not wanting that child, they should still be responsible for their actions and not have the option to kill their innocent baby. The unborn child has rights like everyone else, and these rights should not be ignored because of the parents' bad choices. Unborn children cannot speak or protect themselves, but if they were able to, those babies would fight for their right to live. There is a huge debate going on around the world on whether the parents of an unborn child should have the right to have an abortion, or the unborn child should have the right to live. This issue is very universal and gets an individual to think, “Whose rights are being protected, the mother's or the fetus?” With abortion being legal, the mother's rights are being protected, but what happens to the unborn child's rights? A small, innocent, and fragile child may die all because his/her parents made the bad choice of having sex before they were ready to have a child. The unborn baby did not choose to be put into this life, and the unborn baby definitely should not be put to death because the parents don't want to take responsibility. Statistics show that 92% of abortions in America are purely elective-- done on healthy women to end the lives of healthy children. 3 This should not be happening. The reasons for why abortion does not assure equal justice for all, is endless. The stance of Pro-Life and the negative views on abortions make sense. Why be pro-life and be against abortions? Well, the unborn baby has rights too and is unable to defend for itself. Also, there are other options, other than killing, for the unw... ... middle of paper ... ...s death; there will be no mere re-incarnational transfer. Thousands of times each day unique, never-to-be again, individual beings have their one and only chance at life terminated." 7 Abortions are unjustified and are not fair to the unborn child. Every person should have the right to live, and abortions do not protect these rights for the child. Some would claim “It's my choice.” or “It's my body.”, but that is completely incorrect. A baby inside of a woman is a separate human being, and therefore has its own rights. If one does not want a child, they should prevent conception from happening, not kill an innocent baby. Abortions should be eliminated and the whole class of human beings (pre-born babies) should be given the most fundamental right—the right to Life. 2 Abortions do not assure equal justice for all, which in this case, are the innocent unborn children.
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