The Importance Of A Traditional Family

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A traditional family consists of one father, one mother, two children, on male, one female, one pet, and one house with a whit pipit fence. The dad went to work the mother stayed at home and took care of the children and did house work. Sounds simple, but the reason it sounds so simple is because people were very judgmental and if people were anything else they would be punished or frowned upon. That’s how society was back in the day. A lot of things changed since then. People are more open minded more acceptable of other people. The meaning of family also changed. One doesn’t have to be blood related to be a family. One can choose to call someone there brother or sister. Sometimes the person you call your brother is closer to you then your…show more content…
The gay guys who give sperm to these lesbian couples so that they can make a child is an amazing thing. It’s not just some kind of transaction. The lesbian couple most of the time wants the donor to be part of the child’s life. And most of the time the donor wants to be. This might not be normal but it’s considered a family. The interesting part is that some of the things we learned in sociology doesn’t apply here. This family has to lesbian mothers and one gay father. To anyone outside the family this may sound weird but I bet it all makes sense to them and the child that will grow…show more content…
In a traditional family there is one straight male, one straight female, two straight children a boy and a girl, and a pet. In this redesigning family there are two lesbian women and a gay male, but this is one combination. There could also be other types of redesigning families. These families can be physically different than a traditional family but it can still act like one. I don’t believe there is such thing as a traditional family anymore. In the past yes, but things have happened that changed the meaning of what it is to be a traditional

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