The Importance Of A Supervisor At My Team

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As a supervisor I have learned several things throughout this year I been in the position. But one of my biggest challenge during my training has been delegating work to my team. A supervisor role can be stressful because of the workload that need to be done in a certain time. But to achieved and maintain a successful productivity in an area, they can be many ways but the most successful is delegation. Delegating in many situation can be easy or can be difficult. In my case learning to delegate to my team has been a challenge because I fear rejection, I have no experience in delegating to others, and that’s has cause frustration at time because of the workload. Delegating is the hardest skill for a manager or supervisor to learn.
As supervisor of a department there is large amount of responsibility. My responsibility requires persistence and dedication in order to achieve a well outcome and productive job. Within that much responsibility, planning comes along. In order to accomplish any work there must be some delegation plan that organize each employee to know and understand the duties in order to get the job done. In the article “Delegation in practice” it states that “The code requires registrants to 'practise effectively ', and 'be accountable for your decisions to delegate tasks and duties to other people.” (Bryant E 22-25). My responsibility is to give specific jobs to my employees. In my job employees are divided in different department but still work together in order to bring a great and unique outcome. As example in my company we have the jewelry department, every month the department has an event that has a cost goal to meet. The responsibility of the supervisor is to plan the event and delegate each employee an in...

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...s” it states “Understand that your team is made up of human beings. No one can work nonstop, so get your timing right. Know what each employee can handle, and avoid overworking them. Most people perform at their best when they are consistently busy but not rushed or pressured” (Andrews). I have learned that the delegation is part of a process and that it doesn’t matter the company problems I should not fear delegating task to my team. Having a team help day a day with task is a beneficial for them and for me because we are both learning, can save time, less frustrations of trying to get everything done by itself and I cannot be afraid, what’s done is done and nobody can’t take away. The key is to understand that one can only achieve a certain scale and working with other people is growing scale. Delegation is a task that cannot be learned from one day to the other.
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