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My intent is to properly explain how to play a sport the different things that are required to play any the many sports out there. Learning a sport takes time, and the ability to be coachable in whatever sport you might do. In every sport your coach gives you tips on how to improve on different attributes that may help you better yourself as an athlete. These tips that are given and learned, help improve the overall ability that you have in the sport. In learning these skills you are cognitive, associative, and autonomous which help you the skills you learned and use them effectively. These theories all have something to do with process of learning that takes place in any sport played. The cognitive is the first stage which is motor learning for those that has never done a sport before can be given verbal information in which they can apply themselves. Associative is a less verbal part in the learning process and helps fix things up that seem to be much more of using the information given in reality. The autonomous is after the information that has been instilled into you and fixed becomes more like an instinctive thing. My own theory is the constant repetition of one technique and applying oneself soon after it is taught then fixing anything that needs to be worked on using a few different techniques. Over the years technology and many other things have made it easier to learn certain things in a sport. The change in sports has something to do with the athletes now who are much more versatile then the ones of past and with that many things have changed in sports. Many sports have a lot more complicated techniques such as footwork, which is essential and much more necessary for many sport... ... middle of paper ... ...u must first seen and hear how to do something effectively in any sport. The first step is the hardest which is to listen then to apply it to actual use and then improving on the areas that you lack. Experience gives the athlete the ability to better apply what 's learned then progress into a more difficult level of skills. The information and fundamentals learned are first conscious efforts then become unconscious efforts after so long allowing for mistakes and other mishaps to occur in the sport but sometimes weren’t meant to stay as they are. Technology allows a struggling athlete to see where they need to make improvements then see where the problem really is and make effective changes. The biggest part is the process to learning a sport is hard but there are many things that allow us to be effective even if it means starting all the way from the beginning again.

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